101 - "Hubie Halloween" (2020)

1 year ago

Today, Dustin & Katarina are hitting Salem, MA to check out the latest in Adam Sandler's long list of Netflix collabs, "Hubie Halloween". They go through how ridiculous the idea is while Dustin tries to figure out if Sandler is setting up his movies to all be a shared cinematic universe. They also try to decide on the best thrift store t-shirt that Hubie's mom wears, what function they would want their thermos to have, what having Adam Sandler as a parent must be like, and so much more.

Thanks for listening, email us ([email protected]), and let us know what you're favorite horror/Halloween time movies are. Enjoy your Monday and stay safe out there.

Hosted by: Dustin Brewer & Katarina Ritter

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